If the Las Vegas Raiders have any chance at making the playoffs, they need to get through some tough competition in the final weeks of the season.


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 As hard as it is to believe, there are only seven weeks left in the NFL regular season, and teams are jockeying for every single position they can pick up. The Las Vegas Raiders are no different, and while they remain in the hunt for a wild card spot, they could just as easily miss out on another chance to make the playoffs. They have a history of imploding during this time of the season.

Not only is that evident by the six-game skid the team went on last year that ultimately cost them a playoff spot, but also by their mixed play this season.  In fact, The Raiders were on a three-game losing streak before they finally managed to top the Cowboys 36-33 on Thanksgiving. Raiderswire.com gives the Raiders a 25% chance of making it to the postseason.

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